Digital Marketing

Creating long-lasting and memorable brands without the fuss… whether evolving or revolutionising, we’ll walk you through the process.

Create a memorable brand

Creating long-lasting and memorable brands is seen by some as an art form, shrouded by mystery and requiring numerous workshops with lots of blue-sky thinking.

At Studio Nova, we like to think that we achieve the same results but without the mystery and hours of investment from your team (although we will wear capes if you really want us to!). With years of experience in branding and product development, we will get under the skin of your organisation, product and sector, creating innovative ideas and concepts that work in the real world.

We uncover your values to focus them into an inspirational and memorable core brand message.

Whether your existing brand needs some guidelines, a simple refresh, or you’re a startup needing a brand new image, our knowledge, experience and creativity is the perfect mix to ensure your business gets the identity it needs.

We are experts in both print and digital media, so we understand how important a consistent brand image is at all times. This is why we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that your branding elements are perfectly compatible and legible in all situations and formats.

We work with clients to successfully communicate, engage with and retain target audiences through branding and logo design. Our expertise in brand creation and design will ensure your brand is coherent, consistent and reflects your company’s vision and values.

Let's all get creative together

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