Branding must-haves for all businesses

Branding must-haves for all businesses

Building a memorable brand is more important than ever. In a climate of pretty much unlimited choices, your brand has to be cohesive, memorable and stand out from the crowd!

Branding isn’t simply a visual identity or a logo design. Think of branding as a vehicle for communicating your values to the world, engaging consumers on an emotive level, and creating a sense of ownership for your customers and fans.

A strong brand paints a picture of your core values, your personality, who you are, and clearly communicates to your clients why they should choose you over competitors.

So, what are the brand must-haves every business needs?

A memorable name

Good brand names are rarely just plucked from the air. They carefully convey your brand’s personality, position, tone, and values. Business names could be based on the founders’ names, descriptive, playful or just invented.

Whatever you deem appropriate to get the tone and personality of your brand across is fair game, but don’t just pick a name because it sounds good, it needs to be relevant to your brand!

Once you’ve identified a few possible names, evaluate them based on ease of spelling, sound, appearance, appropriateness, versatility and relevance to your target market. Once you’ve settled on a name you love, do a trademark search before you spend time and energy on getting a logo design. It might also be a good idea to test the name with your target market to make sure it resonates in a positive way.

Your brand story

Your brand story is the narrative of your brand. It tells people:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you do what you do
  • Who you do it for
  • How you do it
  • When you started doing it

You can share your brand story with your internal and external audiences and make sure everybody understand your “why”. We’ll work with you to help establish these ideas and successfully communicate, engage with and retain your target audience through your logo and brand identity.

A strong, versatile logo

Logos need to be instantly recognisable, memorable, and easily relate the product/service you are offering. Colour is increasingly important in logo design. In fact, colour has been found to increase brand awareness by as much as 80%. 

Because of the nature of the human brain, we recognise colour long before we can decipher words, and we often associate certain colours with particular brands, e.g. red with Coca-Cola.

Opt for highly recognisable shapes, unique and customised typefaces, and an ownable colour palette, as they all help to increase brand recall.

After you’ve designed your logo, remember to test it. Look at your logo in the company of other brands it will be surrounded by. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it read well in print, on package and online?
  • Does it work in both black and white and colour?
  • Is it appropriate for the consumers, cultures, and subcultures that will be receiving it?
  • Does it convey your brand personality?
  • It is receiving the emotional response you are hoping for?

Meaningful marketing collateral

Brands need to own their positions in the market and exhibit personality and emotion in order for consumers to make real and meaningful connections with them. 

Arguably the greatest brands of the last century such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike all have human qualities to them – check out Nikes’ Instagram feed, there aren’t any product photos, just athletes wearing their clothes! This is done to show the human elements of their brand. 

The emotions of these brands are visible at every level. We love them, we bring them into our homes and we make them a part of our everyday lives, because they stand for the same things we do.

A branded web domain

This task goes hand in hand with the next 2 points, especially for brands whose “storefronts” will primarily be online. Not only will you want to choose a name that fully activates your vision and positioning, but you’ll want to ensure you have the most accessible, intuitive web domain you can get and one that is not easily confused with other brands.

Checking for available web domains early in the naming process can help you avoid the heartbreak of finding out that the .com domain for your chosen name has already been snagged or is available for sale… for the low, low price of £25,000. Ouch.

With our website hosting package, we offer complete domain hosting and management – just tell us the domain name you’d like and we’ll purchase, hold and manage it. If you prefer to host and manage this yourself, no worries, it won’t affect your website being built and hosted on our server, we’ll make sure it’s all patched up and pointed to the website once it’s ready to go live.

A branded email address

Using a branded email address promotes your business by reinforcing your brand name (and not Gmail’s brand name). It also conveys authenticity, credibility and trust – recipients are less likely to think of the email as a scam if it arrives from a branded address.

Creating a branded email is relatively inexpensive and easy. When we host and manage your domain on our server, we can supply and set up email accounts at no extra cost. These can be synchronised and accessed anywhere and on any device.

Of course, if you’d like to host emails elsewhere, even when we host your domain, we can point this to your desired mail server, ready for you to set up your own branded email accounts.

A professional website

Anybody can create a website – the internet is full of sites where you can do it for free. It is somewhat harder though, to create a website that is optimised for good user experience and not have a website which looks the same as all the others.

Research results have determined that not having a website can be more costly than having a professional website built. Your website should be a showcase for your brand personality, with rich and valuable content, that will make customers want to stay on your site and share it with their friends; think of it as your online shop window.

It’s a mistake to create a website just for the sake of having one. It can be a truly invaluable tool for telling your brand story, proving your credibility and engaging with consumers in real time. It is also the best place to gauge perceptions of your brands and products. Good sites have a balance of design and functionality.

Using our expertise in website, graphic and logo design, we’ll advise and guide you through every step of our project process, investing time and energy to invigorate your brand image.

We start with the design brief to uncover ideas and focus these into a project proposal and quote. Then we research and plan the project to connect your visual identity and target audience. Next, we’ll design and build your website, graphic design or logo under your direction. Finally, after everything is perfected, it is completed and ready for launch!

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Let's all get creative together

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