Google hates you

Google hates you

Now, That’s a bit of a title, isn’t it… But it could be the truth if you’re making these silly mistakes! Read this blog to help better your SEO and get Google to love you!

Buying links

You may have heard of link building strategies where the goal is to get another website to link to your site which then benefits your search rankings. This used to be the way you would be able to climb the search engine rankings with ease. But this is no more – Google has clocked on to this and will punish you for doing so.

If the link was placed on that site because you had something interesting on your website they wanted to link to, that’s excellent! Or, did you pay someone £100 to put your link in the footer of their site and it just so happens that the words in the link (anchor text) are a very highly searched term that has a lot of competition? That’s bad.

Many companies, including large businesses, have been penalised for buying links. Don’t do it!

Sites full of ads

If your website is covered with trash, it is not very welcome in Google’s user friendly neighborhood. It’s not a bad thing to want to make a little money by having advertisements on your site, however, if it’s difficult to separate the ads from the content and if the ads are intrusive enough to provide what Google considers a “bad experience” for the user, your search rankings will fall.

People aren’t sticking around

Google measures and monitors your bounce rate – the percentage of people that leave your website without navigating from the landing page. A high bounce rate tells Google your page layout and navigation is poor. In Google’s eyes, a well laid out page will drive clicks to other pages and gain more organic interaction.

Fix your broken links, already!

If you’re a person who frequents the web, then you have probably experienced the sheer frustration of trying to find something on a website only to encounter the dreaded 404 Error. So, if you don’t like broken links, why inflict them on your users? Fix these errors as soon as possible!

Google rewards those who take care of their websites. Remember, it’s all about the user’s experience, so if you have a website with missing pages, it isn’t exactly abiding by the rules. Fixing broken links can actually change your rankings.

You aren’t using your keywords in your content

There is no point targeting a particular keyword on your website and then not using said keywords in your content. The keyword must feature in your page title and page description (meta tags), along with being used in your image alt tags. A H1 heading is also very beneficial when it contains your keyword.

Write your content using your keyword occasionally, along with slight variations of that keyword. You have to strike the right balance between using the keyword enough but not using it too much so that you aren’t seen by Google to be keyword stuffing.

You’re ignoring mobile

Google has placed an enormous emphasis on mobile optimisation in recent years. Capitalising on smartphone users means designing a mobile responsive website. Responsive websites’ shared URL, shared HTML and CSS, and dynamically changing layout makes them a Google favorite.

Thin content

A common practice among site owners trying to manipulate search results is to create thousands of pages targeting a different keyword search term and having very little useful content for its visitors. If a web page’s content consists of a short paragraph of text with a search term used abundantly within the text, it’s not very useful to a visitor and is not worthy of a good ranking.

Duplicate content

Google is looking for new and fresh content to add to their huge database. If it finds the same content it found on another website, it’s not going to show much interest in what you have to offer as it knows it has been stolen.

If your site sells a product and has the exact same product description provided by the manufacturer that every other website selling that product is using, that is also considered duplicate content.

If you post an article on your blog from one of those free article sites that several other bloggers have already posted, that is also considered duplicate content. Make everything on your website original and unique and watch your search results improve.

Slow pages

Google is in a hurry, and knows your customers are too. It wants to show websites in the search results that give the best user experience. If your web pages load slower than others it will not rank as well as one that is fast. Make sure your website is optimised for speed with compressed images, streamlined code and a fast web server to ensure that your visitors (and Google) are not frustrated by a slow website.

For Google to love your website, make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes. To chat to us about web design drop us a line!

Visibility is key in boosting organic traffic, and we can provide the best practice optimisation for your website, which is the most beneficial to increasing visibility and helping you rank higher. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) services, great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) cannot just simply be paid for. It takes time and effort to optimise your website’s performance and it’s vital for the success of your website in the world of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our SEO services will help you not only climb the search rankings, but stay there too.

For Google to love your website, make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes. To chat to us about SEO drop us a line!

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