How to make your website your top salesperson

How to make your website your top salesperson

Let’s just imagine… an employee with no days off, no need for paid holiday, no days off sick, and they work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sound too good to be true?! Well, you may already have this employee within your team! They may just need to be moulded a bit for the job role. Your sales team is valuable, but it’s easy to ignore the most important salesperson on your team – your company website!

Most websites are allowed to do as little work as possible, and when a prospective client comes to visit, all it does is hand out a brochure and then never contacts the client again. If other salespeople worked like this, they would likely be fired, quickly.

The good news is that your website can be easily redesigned to become a selling machine for you. It can become a valuable asset to your team that continues to work and even provide interest. Best of all, your website becomes the brains of a system that works on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year.

Why most websites should be fired

Most websites today should be fired on the spot because they don’t do any selling at all. Instead, they sit around all day waiting for a potential customer to find them – and then all they do is hand out a page of info! 

You must have seen someone doing this out and about at events? The potential customer doesn’t receive much value, and there’s no way to follow up or provide any more value.

You don’t want a lazy employee who just sits around – you want someone who works hard every hour of every day, and greets your guests with a warm welcome.

What your website should do

A website should do more than just act as a brochure, it should be interactive and engaging. It should let people know right away they’ve arrived at the right place, welcoming them with open arms. 

It shouldn’t waste your potential customers time or make it difficult to find what they need. Instead, it should anticipate what your potential customer is there for and give it to them right away.

Here’s a brief idea of what you could do to turn your website into your best salesperson:

  1. Write short articles/blogs for specific types of buyers.
  2. Post these on your website.
  3. When the buyer reads your article, they can sign up for additional information – make sure there is a call to action.
  4. Once they sign up, they become part of your sales funnel.
  5. Automatically send them more information on a regular basis.
  6. Let them choose when they’re ready to talk to you.
  7. Use social media to add to this process and make it more effective.

This system – called inbound marketing – has proven over and over again to be highly effective. You’ll become a trusted expert, and this system can integrate well with many current business models.

Highlight your customer success stories and create case studies that convince

Taking the time to collect and create testimonials or case studies from past clients is a great way to provide proof to your prospects that you’re the person they should choose.

Sprinkling them throughout your sales pages or even giving them a permanent home in your website’s menu can do wonders for adding that extra bit of social proof to take your prospects from the “not sure” stage to the “I’m convinced” stage.

To help develop your website into a salesperson, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Does your website show and tell everything about your business you want people to know?
  2. Do you measure your website’s success (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually)?
  3. Do you offer your website “training” on your business fundamentals, new trends or economic changes in your local market or in the national business climate for your industry?
  4. Does your website have all your current products, services and pricing?

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