Website design trends in 2020

Website design trends in 2020

As we enter a brand new decade, we are looking for the newest website design trends of 2020! Below, we have listed our top predicted web design trends for this coming year.

1 - 3D models

Often, ‘new’ trends aren’t new at all – they’ve likely been around for a while, but gain popularity as they become easier to use or get hold of. One such trend in 2020 may be the rise of the use of 3D modelling and rendering within websites.

The reason? 3D modelling has always been known to be very expensive and out of reach for many designers and companies, but as the technology has become more developed, the associated costs are likely to drop. This means, we may well see more design software tools released that makes this style of design available to those without specialised 3D training.

2 - Accessibility

One trend that might not strictly be just in the design – but is definitely important – is accessibility. In other words, making websites and content as welcoming and easy to understand as possible, for everybody. Think easy-to-read fonts and text sizes, image alt-tags for screen readers and clever choice on colours.

Unfortunately, a number of website owners and businesses are getting backlash for not providing accessible websites for users with disabilities. We’ve seen this across industries such as retail, food services, hotels, air travel, and more.

There’s definitely been a recent rise in more responsible web design, and the marketability accessible website design offers may be a driving factor in this becoming a web design trend of 2020.

3 - Microinteractions

Microinteractions are sometimes called UI (User Interface) animation and are relatively new to the game. They’re subtle design elements that can play a large role in enhancing visual content. These additions may not seem all that important, but they can really add up to an immersive and engaging website experience.

An example of a microinteraction is say, when you upload a file and hit the submit button, you see a status bar animation go from 0% to 100%. Another could be if you hover over a Call To Action ,the background colour changes and the button grows in size. Check out some interactive examples here:

Microinteractions allow users to almost feel what they’re doing on the page – they help bring a site to life! They let the user interact on a level that feels tangible and palpable. The user gets instant feedback, direction, and emotional validation. 

A classic example of a microinteraction is Facebook’s ‘Like’ functionality. You may not ever have even noticed it, but when you hit the little ‘thumbs up’ icon, watch out for the little animation that happens.

4 - Responsive design

I want to highlight this trend, that you may be thinking has been around for a while already. You’re right, but there are still so many websites that aren’t built to respond or adapt to different devices and screen sizes!.

All website pages should be readable and visually appealing on any screen size. That’s why responsiveness is and should still be one of the key focuses of web design.

So, these are our website design trends we predict to see in 2020. Some are already elements websites we design and we feel these will stand out over this year.

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Let's all get creative together

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