What can a graphic designer do for my business?

What can a graphic designer do for my business?

Almost every business can benefit from the skills of a graphic designer in some way or another, and the reasons why might surprise you. 

Graphic design covers an array of services, and it could be as simple as needing some professional business stationery such as business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, or perhaps some graphics for use on social media.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore how a graphic designer can be of benefit to you.

What is graphic design & why do I need a professional?

Graphic design is a form of art. We can solve visual problems using images and text. Designers are able to communicate ideas visually in order to sell products or spread a brand message.

It’s best to hire a professional if you need graphic design work done. We have the right experience and skills to make your project come to life. We also have the right tools and kit to make sure your project is done professionally and to industry standards.

What does a graphic designer do?

Anything that can tell a story visually or communicate a visual message can be produced by us. That’s quite a vague explanation, but that’s because the field of graphic design is so varied.

We are able to help with a myriad of solutions, from large projects such as exhibition stands, to smaller tasks like tweaking your logo so it can be used on your Facebook page. Bringing in a creative mind to your team will help you see things in a new way and could improve how you do business.


We can create a unique, fitting and versatile logo for your business. Every business needs a logo in order to be memorable and stand out from the crowd. Many companies don’t realise the difference a professionally crafted logo can make.

We understand and are able to find out how to appeal to your target audience through the use of our design brief, helping you stand apart from the competition. We can create a design that can be used anywhere – from social media, to clothing, to business cards.


We’ll bring your company to life with a fitting brand image! Now, you may be thinking that your brand is just your logo… but there’s a lot more to it than just that.

Your brand includes a memorable name, your brand story, strong marketing collateral and any other materials such as your website. Your brand ties all these elements together so your customers can see and recognise each element through your branding.

Business cards

The need to make a good first impression is so important in today’s busy market. Does your business card do you justice? We can take your brandand create a business card that matches your image, and makes sure you leave a lasting first impression. Business cards need to leave a long lasting impression as they are usually given before your potential client has seen anything else from your business.

Stationery and internal elements

Letterheads, envelopes, compliment slips, note cards… is your company still using plain ones? Company branded stationery gives an air of professionalism. Once your company name leaves the confines of your office and goes into the wild, make sure it’s saying the right things about you. It’s so important to reinforce your brand image at every marketing touch point – don’t leave your stationery out of this!

Brochures and booklets

We can professionally create any booklet or brochure that your company needs. These are great marketing materials for your brand to have, but a brochure needs to both inform and engage your target audience.

Great attention should be paid to its content, design and intended use. The print and distribution of the brochure is also key to its success, as well as how it fits into the overarching brand identity.

Posters and flyers

Get your posters and flyers professionally designed to make sure you’re attracting the right target audience and really capturing their attention. It’s instantly obvious when a poster hasn’t been professionally designed; the message is easily lost and the design isn’t memorable. Don’t let this happen to your business.


Probably the most important design collateral in today’s world – if you don’t have a company website, you’re alienating current and new customers alike. Getting a website professionally designed will inspire confidence in your company and make your customers trust you more. Your website can also be a hub of information for your client to reference. But, don’t be tempted by a free or build-your-own website solution, as these are instantly recognisable (for the wrong reasons!)


Advertising is something we are also able to take care of. Advertising can be very expensive for your business and you need to make the most of your advert! We’ll help make your advert professional and stand out from the crowd. We can create anything from magazine ads to signage for your business all the way to billboards and much more.

Social media

As the online world is growing so is social media. Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a solid presence on. We can create your banner images, social icons of your logo. We can also create strong visual campaigns for your social networks.

Why does it matter for my business?

A discussion we hear time and time again is that graphic design is just a fancy extra. And it’s easy to see why people can come to this conclusion. Graphic design is such an integral part of our culture and daily lives, it’s almost easy to overlook it and undermine the job it does. But without good graphic design, your business will sink to the bottom of the tank. First impressions count and good design converts.

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Let's all get creative together

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