What is PPC management and why do you need it?

What is PPC management and why do you need it?

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising, and essentially, it’s exactly what it says on the tin – you pay per click on your adverts.

The biggest and most well known PPC platform is Google Ads. PPC works by targeting selected keywords to show adverts within a search result. A charge is only incurred once an ad is clicked. The ads are run on a bidding style payment, so you and your competitors compete to show at the top of the results.

In a nutshell, PPC management refers to the tasks, strategies, and processes carried out when managing Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. 

PPC management is all about making sure your paid search ads are in front of the right people, at the right times and with the right message, in order to meet your business goals and increase conversions for your business.

The benefit of a PPC management agency

1. Specialist/industry knowledge 

Identifying what you want to achieve through Google Ads is something we can help you with. From increased sales, stronger brand awareness or improved lead generation – there are many different ways we can use Google Ads to benefit your business. Actually achieving the results is where the challenge lies and where we can really put our skills to use. 

Any company that offers PPC management services, should, as a minimum,  have experienced Account Managers with a strong knowledge of Google Ads and how the different forms of advertising work. We have gained a strong fundamental knowledge of Google Ads and have a chain of successful and converting client campaigns.

2. Metrics and reporting

We are also able to set up accurate conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager to track an array of conversion types. This allows us to show you where the possible customers are ending up, converting from and if they are leaving the site at any time. 

With this information we can improve not only the Google Ads campaign itself, but also your website, to try and reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions from all angles.

Within our management service, we always make sure metrics and reporting are a priority as it’s the best way to advance any campaign. We send out regular reports and schedule phone calls to discuss campaign elements.

Top Tip – Be wary of any agency who won’t give you access to analytics or send you regular reports and updates. They only hide what they don’t want people to see!

3. Constant updates

We monitor and optimise our client accounts on a weekly or fortnightly schedule, where we check over  the whole campaign, along with all the metrics, to make sure the account is fully optimised and getting the best value clicks for the budget. 

With this, we are also able to keep up with all the Google Ads updates such as new ad types, new tracking tools, measurable metrics etc.

4. Staying ahead of the curve

Building on our previous point, nobody wants to be just keep up with their competition. We can make sure your campaign is ahead of the pack by constantly updating the campaign with new ads and ad types and refining them to give you an armoury of converting ads. 

We also constantly monitor your search terms which allow us to see what is being searched for and tailor the ads to these.

5. Time 

Finally, one of the most obvious but still definitely one of the most valuable benefits of using a PPC management agency is the sheer amount of time you will save. When managing Google Ads campaign it can be incredibly time-consuming and making sure you’re getting the most from your money can be an even harder task. 

Think about how much better this time could be spent adding to other areas of your business, rather than spent managing your Google Ads!


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Let's all get creative together

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