Why integrate your brand into all graphic design elements?

Why integrate your brand into all graphic design elements?

Silly question? Well, not quite. All too often we see marketing collateral that doesn’t relate – to both the company its advertising and other collateral from the same business.

While a storefront sign used to be all the branding you needed, these days, to succeed, you have to integrate your brand into every aspect of your business’s visual appearance.

Pretty much every business today has a website or is online in some way. The rise in e-commerce website solutions mean that consumers are interacting with most businesses and their products in the same way – no matter how big or how small the company is – on a screen. While search engine marketing and paid listings and ads will get consumers in the digital door, gaining their trust and business, and turning them into repeat customers requires connecting with them.

Your brand is the key to that door; it’s your business’s identity, and it gives your company a style and personality that inspires trust and a belief in the consistency and quality of your products or services. That’s why branding is so central to any business trying to succeed in the 21st century. That said, your branding needs to be consistent and applied universally. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should simply stamp the same logo on every single thing related to your company; rather, it’s about unity in your visual identity. So where to begin…?

Business cards

These are probably your key collateral element in terms of design. This is because whenever these are handed out, it’s most likely to be face to face with a potential client. When this potential client goes to call you after a networking event, where they’re sifting through the 100+ business cards they have picked up throughout the day, you need to make sure yours stands out! They also need to remember you!


Leaflets are great when used for promoting your products or services, along with a little snippet of text adding extra detail about who you are. Leaflets don’t necessarily have to include a mountain of information – they could showcase seasonal or limited time offers, they can be informative about particular services or anything to benefit your business really, they’re very versatile! But again, they need to align with your branding and other marketing collateral for when the consumer takes action.

Roller banners

These may be a pain to put up, but once they’re up (with a solid design), they’re a substantial piece of graphic design definitely worth investing in for your business! These are mainly used at business events or conferences to showcase from afar who you are and what you do. They need to be eye catching and informative for all eyes to see! You want people to be drawn in and curious about your business.


Brochures are really useful to help give a more in-depth understanding of your business. You can include details about your company’s history, your brand story, individual services, your offers and much more. Brochures are also effective if your company is running an event – take a look at the one we created for the Ely Hero Awards here!

Promo items

Who doesn’t love these?! Pens, stress balls, mints, memory sticks, lanyards, keyrings and much more! These really need to represent your brand – you may think they just get chucked in the bin after events, but take a quick look around your office and I’m sure there is at least one promotional piece of stationary you use that is from another company. The goal of these is to incorporate your brand into a potential client’s daily life, so that when they need a service you offer, you are the first to pop into their mind.

From your logo, to your packaging, to the fonts you use, consistency and unity in your brand’s graphics and design aesthetic can be the difference between keeping business and losing it.

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Let's all get creative together

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